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Reputation is earned. From auto refinishers (panel beaters), motor vehicle manufacturers, dealerships and detailers, Meguiar’s range of professional compounds, polishes and paint protectants leads the way in producing consistent, cost and time effective ultra-premium results.

Our Professional Categories

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Every pro knows that preparation is key to great results.
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Fast, safe removal of severe paint defects, while producing a high gloss finish.
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Produce a high-gloss finish with deep reflections.
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Waxes & Paint Sealants
For the ultimate in protection while adding richness and depth of colour.
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Products especially formulated for quality minded, demanding enthusiasts and professionals looking for the very best.
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Pads & Backing Plates
A comprehensive range of pads and backing plates for both Rotary and DA  orbital polisher machines.
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Accessory items to meet the needs of exacting professionals.
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Keizin Automotive
Your advantage in car care

We are the exclusive importer and distributor of all Meguiar’s products, and other premium automotive ranges, for southern Africa.

Keizin’s head office is situated in Durban, with a branch office in Johannesburg that houses a practical training centre.

Our focus is on providing world class premium brands of automotive appearance care, performance and services. Whether you are an experienced or a new car care guy, there is bound to be a product that best suits your needs at our online store.

Professional products are supplied to panel beaters, detailers, car dealers and valet operators through a network of automotive refinish distributors. Consumer products are available to individuals and enthusiasts through mass retailers, auto chains, independent stockists, auto accessory shops, and home improvement stores.

Our dedicated team works at countless car shows, car club events, store promotions and the like to support and promote the brand as it continues to grow in popularity among South African enthusiasts and professionals alike. There is no doubt that Meguiar’s has become the premium brand of car care products in South Africa.

Through expertise, dedication and passion we are able to offer an unbeatable combination of the best products, advice and technical support in caring for your car from our range of premium brands. best surface care products. This applies whether it’s cars, bikes, boats or planes.

We have all you’ll ever need to make your prized possession look good, smell good and go great!

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