Quickly and safely remove severe paint defects and damage. From traditional diminishing abrasive compounds to our ultra-modern Super Micro-Abrasive Technology (SMAT) compounds that produce incredibly refined and glossy finishes, yet quickly remove significant paint defects such as sanding marks, scratches, scuffs and etching, Meguiar’s has got you covered.

If you are working by hand, with a dual action or rotary polisher machine, the results speak for themselves. All Meguiar’s compounds are “paint-shop-safe”. Our passion for perfection is literally blended into every formulation we create.

Compounds: Products
Ultra Pro Speed Compound
3,79 L
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Code: M11001
DA Microfiber Correction Compound - 3.79L
Code: D30001
DA Microfiber Correction Compound - 473ml
Code: D30016
Diamond Cut Compound 2.0
3,79 L
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Code: M8501
Pro Speed Compound
3.79 L
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Code: M10001
Ultra-Cut Compound
3,79 L
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Code: M10501

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