Once a car is waxed, the best ongoing protection for your car’s finish is regular attention, or maintaining the finish. Regardless of whether your car is parked or being driven, it’s in a hostile environment.

Everything that flies, from a gnat to a 747, expels contaminants that are determined to bond to and then etch into your car’s finish.

Add to this acid rain, industrial fallout and those unavoidable UV rays (the No. 1 cause of paint degradation), and you can see how your car is constantly under attack. The more your car is exposed to the elements, and the harsher the environment is where you live, the more attention your paint finish will require.
Fortunately, Meguiar’s has made it easy for you with our mist and wipe detailers. Meguiar’s® Quik Detailer® and Ultimate Quik Detailer® allow you to safely and easily remove contaminants before they have time to bond to your paint finish. These products form the missing link between washing and waxing, allowing you to greatly extend the protective qualities of your car wax.

Maintain: Products
Hybrid Ceramic Detailer
768 ml
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Code: G200526
Quik Detailer
473 ml
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Code: A3316
Ultimate Quik Detailer
710 ml
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Code: G201024

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