Have you ever heard the phrase, “the right tool for the right job”? At Meguiar’s, our line of paint, wheel and interior products perform at their peak when used with high quality accessories. Microfibre towels are not all created equal and our Meguiar’s® Supreme Shine™ Microfibre Towel is a cut above the rest, making polishing and waxing even that much more enjoyable.

Plus, if you are ready to move up from hand compounding, polishing and waxing, by using a quality DA Polisher or the Meguiar’s DA Power System, you will achieve flawless results that cannot be matched by hand and without the worry of marring the finish. From first time users to professional detailers we guarantee you will love the results.

Accessories: Products
Supreme Shine™ Drying Towel
1 Towel 39,3 cm x 54,6 cm
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Code: X210100
Perfect Clarity Glass Towel
Code: X210300
DA Power System Cutting Pads
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Code: G3507INT
DA Power System Polishing Pads
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Code: G3508INT
DA Power System Tool
Code: G3500INT
Deep Pile Microfiber Wash Mitt
Code: X3002EU
Grit Guard Insert
260 mm Ø
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Code: X3003
Soft Foam Applicator Pads 2Pack
2 Pack
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Code: W0002
Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel
40 cm x 60 cm
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Code: X2010EU
Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel
55 cm x 76 cm
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Code: X2000EU

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