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After the vehicle itself and the exterior paint colour, arguably the most important and defining feature of a car is its wheel & tyre package. What used to be limited to paint, chrome and aluminum has expanded into a variety of finishes from custom wheel manufacturers who are constantly driving advances in design and materials.

Similarly, car makers have also added a diverse offering of wheels. Whether your ride’s equipped with custom 3-piece forged rims, factory clear-coated silver alloys, or a trick set of chrome plated wires, Meguiar’s has developed the correct cleaners and polishes to make your wheels look their best.

But clean wheels with dull, dingy tyres is just wrong, so Meguiar’s also offers Hot Shine™ & Endurance® tyre dressings to make your tyres look their best. And in addition to improving your tyre’s appearance, Meguiar’s tyre dressings also protect your tyres, helping to prevent browning & premature aging of the rubber.

Wheels & Tyres: Products
Hybrid Ceramic Tire Shine
473 ml
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Code: G230416
Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner
710 ml
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Code: G230524
Endurance Tire Gel
473 ml
view Now
Code: G7516
Hot Shine Tire Coating Aerosol
Code: G13815
Hot Shine Tire Spray Trigger
710 ml
view Now
Code: G12024
Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner
709 ml
view Now
Code: G180124

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