General Questions
Do Coloured Waxes Work?

First, there are thousands of car colours used every year. Some paint companies offer over one hundred different shades of red alone. There is no way that a limited selection of 8-12 different-coloured waxes can hope to match your colour exactly. Second, most paints today have a top layer of paint that is clear – it does not contain any colour pigment. If you add a pigmented wax or polish on top of the clear coated surface, you are creating an unnatural effect that will look even stranger as the pigments in the wax fade. Imagine applying shoe polish to your windshield, and you can picture what is happening when you apply colour waxes to clear coat paint. If you are looking to restore colour and gloss from oxidised or faded paint, Meguiar’s Classic Polishing Compound [G18116] or Ultimate Compound [G17216] will revive colour and remove light scratches and swirls. NOTE: Our White Wax {G6107] and Black Wax [G6207] are not colour-tinted waxes. They refer to the abrasives and cleaners in the formulations that work best on light and dark colours in general.