Your guide to Car Care:

From tips on how to wax your car to classic car restoration

We at Meguiar’s South Africa have a wealth of car & surface care expertise and we are most willing to share it with you!

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Quick Tips Video Guide

Meguiar’s have developed a comprehensive video collection of product demonstrations and car care tips to help you produce eye-dazzling results. These videos are available on the website and will give you the product knowledge and demonstrate the techniques needed to handle everything from basic detailing to wet sanding so you can achieve showroom quality results.



When you want to find an answer to a car care question, look to Meguiar’s Car and Marine Care FAQ. You’ll find answers to everyday questions like, “Which wax is the best for my car?” or “What’s the difference between polishing and waxing?” or “How do I remove tree sap from my car’s paint?” A wealth of surface care knowledge has been collected here and it’s available to you 24/7.


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Do you have a specific question regarding a Meguiar’s product? Not sure how to maintain your car’s interior, paint, wheels or tyres? Get your questions answered directly by the surface care experts at Meguiar’s. We’re here to help you take your car and surface care skills to the next level!